January 2015
MTC welcomes Ashley Jackson, LMFT. to its clinical team as a Evaluator & Therapist in its child, adolescent, & adult programs.
November 2014
MTC welcomesSharon E. Rinks, Psy.D. to its clinical team as a licensed psychologist in its child and adolescent programs.
November 2011

Dr. Medlin and Dr. Knauts recently published Avoiding Sexual Dangers: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child. For more information, go to www.sexualdangers.com.

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New Workshops for Parents

1, 2, 3, 4 Parenting for Parents

• Young Children (ages 1 to 4)
• School Aged Children (ages 5 to 12)
• Teenagers (ages 12 to 18)

SafeKids Workshops

• Learn how to keep your child safe from
  sexual abuse
• Protect your child from pornography
• Protect your child on the internet


Medlin Treatment Center (MTC) is a counseling center in the metro Atlanta area.

MTC has 2 divisions that offer psychological services for:
• General issues
• Sexual issues

For each division, MTC offers: Counseling, Evaluations, Workshops


•  Julie C. Medlin, Ph.D. Director

•  Tammy Coots, Psy.D.

•  Amanda Carter, LPC, Asst. Director, SDP

•  Kathleen Grimes, Ph.D.

•  Steven Knauts, Ph.D.


•  Sarai Padilla, Psy.D.


•  Asia Gifford, Psy.D.


•  Diane Kreutzer, Psy.D.


•  Candace Allen-Staten, Ps.D.


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